“Lighthouse Landing is a not-for-profit (# 814052668) summer camp that welcomes families with children of all abilities. We have remained a family run camp since 1963 because of a strong commitment to WHY we believe in summer camp for families. First, in our fast paced world, we need, more than ever, sites for meaningful family interaction. Second, we strongly believe in the power natural environments have to educate children intellectually, socially, spiritually and physically.


So it is our mission to provide a safe, natural environment for self-discovery, interaction with others, and re-connection with nature. Our volunteer senior staff have worked in the area of special needs support as Educational Assistants, Certified Teachers, Autism Therapists and/or Respite/Support Workers. Our program includes family activities as well as daily interactive respite (July Autism Camps) for parents. Campers benefit through social interaction, community building, improved self-efficacy, confidence, age-appropriate independence, full immersion in nature and physical fitness.”

~Jim Slee (BA KIN; B.Ed; M.Ed - Teacher LDCSB)

We Welcome






Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only welcome families with children who have Autism?
No. During the months of July we provide extra support for families with children who have special needs.  For May, June, August, September & October we welcome all families, couples, singles, school groups, retreats etc.


What should I bring?

Cabins 4, 5, 6 & 8 have a private privy and there is a shower room with a toilet nearby. All cabins come equipped with a microwave, coffee maker, toaster, fridge and a stove/induction burner. Cabins have all your typical dishes, cutlery, pots and pans etc. There is a fitted sheet on the beds. Remember to bring bedding, pillows and towels. 


Bunkies 5.5, 9.5 and 10 

Cabins 5.5, 9.5 & 10 each have a private privy and there is a shower room with a toilet nearby. These are mini cabins which have either a double (5.5) or queen (9.5 &10) bed with a table and two chairs inside. There are two Muskoka chairs on the deck which is just a few feet from the shores of Lake Cecebe! We also have a newly renovated communal kitchen to prepare meals and store your food or you can bring a cooler and camp stove. The bunkie has electricity, indoor and outdoor lights and a fan.  Think glamorous camping or GLAMPING!


Can I drink the water from the tap?

Yes! The water is pumped from a well and is treated.  We submit regular samples to the Ministry of Health and do daily chlorine readings. For some fun, you can also walk to a nearby spring and get fresh ice-cold water straight from the earth!  Bottled water is not necessary.


What is in our communal kitchen?

A new renovation has made our kitchen very efficient for the overnight, weekly or special occasion guest.

  • There is seating for 30 on two indoor 12 foot picnic tables and extra seating is available outside.

  • Inside there is a large counter for setting up or working on. 

  • There is a fridge, microwave, induction hot-plate burner, electric kettle, stove, Instant Pots, blenders, two slow cookers, electric frying pan, two waffle makers, blender, popcorn maker, dishes, cutlery, cutting boards, serving platters, serving bowls and spoons, and glasses for 30.  There is an equipped mug rack and french press.  All sizes of pots are available with large cookie sheets and all sizes of baking pans.

  • For storage there is a large selection of plastic containers and lids.

  • The building comes equipped with spices and salt and pepper. 

  • There are also brooms, dust-pans, a mop and fly swatters.

  • There is a two sink system with hand sanitizer, hand soap and dish soap with dish towels.  There is hot and cold water.  There is potable drinking water from the tap.

  • This building is equipped with wifi and a movie projector and large screen.

  • Outside and near the water there is a large fire-pit.  It comes equipped with grills, cast iron frying pans and metal camp-fire cooking rods.

  • For your special occasion please bring napkins, foil, plastic wrap and paper towel.