Providing an opportunity to connect with nature, with self, and with others has been our mission since 1963.

“Lighthouse Landing is a not-for-profit (#814052668) summer camp that welcomes singles, couples, and families with children of all abilities. We have remained a family-run camp since 1963 because of a strong commitment to WHY we believe in the power of natural spaces. First, in our fast-paced digital world, we need, more than ever, sites for meaningful connections. Second, we strongly believe in the power natural environments have to educate intellectually, socially, spiritually and physically. So it is our mission to provide a safe, natural environment for self-discovery, interaction with others, and a re-connection with nature. "

How we are reducing our ecological footprint

Laundry - We wash all of our laundry in cold water and avoid laundry on rainy days so we can hang it to dry. A tumble dryer is one of the largest household energy expenditures.
Household Waste -  our landfill site recycles nearly everything except (1. Styrofoam. 2. Plastic wrap. 3. Lightbulbs.) We sort through all of the garbage and usually end with a ratio of 10-1 ratio, recycling to waste.

Compost - we compost all plant-based food scraps and egg-shells.  The compost bin is located near our vegetable gardens and activity building.
Privies - Individuals use around 60L of water to flush a toilet each day. With the 7 privy composting stations at camp, we estimate saving 850L of  water each day!
Rewilding - Lighthouse Landing became a campground in 1963, prior to this it was mostly farmland.  We are now working hard to rewild the area to promote biodiversity and provide a home for all of the wonderful wildlife that greet us each day.  We are planting trees, and collecting, and spreading wildflower seeds.
Selective Firewood Harvesting - We work with a local woodsman to harvest only dead trees or ones that have fallen over from storms.   

Self-propelled watercraft - We have canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and a paddle boat so you can get exercise and explore the lake emissions free. We are happy to provide lessons if you are new to the experience.    

Promote Plant-Based Eating - We have recently become excited about growing a large vegetable garden.  We often share pot-luck meals with our campers and promote the health and environmental benefits for plant-based eating.  We also set aside time each summer for a Veg-Out week where we share a vegan potluck every night.
Building Relationship With Nature -  As naturalist John Muir once said "When we tug on a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world." We believe one must have a relationship with Mother Nature before one will care for her. We try to provide opportunities for this relationship to flourish.

Biodegradeable Cleaners - We use environmental friendly cleaners and dish soap.

Upcycling -  When refreshing our ultra-stylish cabins;), we try to purchase used items from thrift stores before purchasing new.  
Sustainable Building - When we can, we try to use reclaimed building materials for renovations. When a new shingle roof is in need of repair, we are only installing 100% recyclable steel roofs.  

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