Beacon News Jan 2018

IT ALL BEGAN in 1963!

Fifty-five years ago, Lighthouse Landing began and continues as a place of rest, discovery, and adventure on the shores of Lake Cecebe.

This year LL made huge improvements in the roads and parking areas. This has helped everyone with accessibility. We welcomed Jono from New Zealand our first work away member. It was a real delight!

Hilltop Heaven saw an upgrade on the living room and bedroom floors and a blue metal roof. A new to us motor-boat was added to the fleet that took many on a tour or tube ride around Lake Cecebe. Upgrading picnic tables is always in the works with one crafted this year. Bose portable speaker helped project the sound in our music and family making movie times. A donation of an annual garden was made in remembrance of a loving mother. An artistic landscaping design was developed in our front garden area. Very helpful was the donation of a lawn mower and metal pool ladder for the swimming raft. Yoga mats were given to the camp and recently another donation of ten mats came in that will help bring our yoga experience to many. A portable BBQ along with rain boots, rain coats and numerous craft supplies were very welcomed. Cash donations received were put towards our camp program. A very grateful thanks goes out to all our friends who saw a need and gave so generously!

BYOT(Bring Your Own Tent Covered Platform)- Wake up on a pine wooden platform with your tent fully intact and DRY! This was built to encourage more campers to LL. It is a 12x12 platform for a 4 person tent. Over your tent is a heavy-duty tarp which was sewn by a friend of Lighthouse Landing. This was rented immediately in August last year and is already reserved for the 2018 season! It is a non-electrical site with drinking water available and plenty of space . You will find our first covered platform in the upper camping area with a beautiful view of the nightly sunset on Lake Cecebe.

We love hearing from you with your recommendations! Send them along. We have updated the wish list at for those who have been asking.

We invite you to follow us on Instagram, @lighthouselandingcamp. for ongoing posts of memories made at camp!

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